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Regenic And GC CELL Officialy Launch Strategic Partnership In Cancer Therapy

Regenic And GC CELL Officialy Launch Strategic Partnership In Cancer Therapy

PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) through its subsidiary PT Bifarma Adiluhung (Bifarma), which oversees the Regenic brand, has officially launched a strategic partnership with the global biotechnology company from South Korea, GC Cell.

The strategic partnership between Regenic and GC Cell aims to facilitate the introduction of Immuncell-LC in Indonesia. Immuncell-LC is an innovative cell therapy using autologous T cell therapy and has obtained approval for liver cancer treatment in Korea. Furthermore, the agreement between Regenic and GC Cell also includes technology transfer and collaboration on the development of Natural Killer (NK) Cells therapy pipeline, which has scientifically proven efficacy in killing cancer cells.

"We announce that Bifarma, through our cell therapy division Regenic, has signed a partnership agreement with GC Cell, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company from Korea. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone for our company, reinforcing our mission to provide safe, high-quality, and cutting-edge cell therapies," said Dr. Sandy Qlintang, M.Biomed., President Director of PT Bifarma Adiluhung.

James Park, CEO of GC Cell, added, "This partnership is a global recognition of our expertise as pioneers in cell therapy in Korea. We believe that by combining integrated cell and gene therapies at GC Cell with Bifarma's capabilities and excellence in Indonesia, we are poised to lead in the field of anti-cancer cell therapies."

The availability of Immuncell-LC therapy is expected to facilitate and expand access to treatment for patients in Indonesia. Liver cancer is the fourth deadliest disease in Indonesia, often referred to as the silent killer due to its hard-to-detect symptoms and rapid disease progression. According to Globocan data in 2020, liver cancer caused 21,392 deaths in Indonesia.

Moving forward, both Regenic and GC Cell hope that this strategic partnership will strengthen their mission to transform healthcare services in Indonesia, aiming to provide liver cancer patients with more optimal care for a better quality of life.

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